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trying to discover any obscure extinct animal species names and info

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:38 pm
by frostgear107
i love science. and i love animals. and i also love drawing.
so one day i decided to do both. im going to draw extinct animals species. and probably discover new ones.
but i need your help. im trying to find information or at the very least a scientific name for obscure animal species.
and attempt to draw them for my webcomic series. as characters. education is entertainment. and i love both.

so if you know any extinct animal that is obscure or is hard to search about tell me even if its just a name. 
and please give me any known websites for extinct species. if you know of any.

heres the link to my webcomic. ... _no=222570
i em making the latest volume. and i wanted this volume to mean something.

and in helping me you are helping this site. and in helping this site you are helping us all.