Palaeontology enthusiast here

Introduce yourself. Who are you and why do you wish to be part of of this great project?

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Palaeontology enthusiast here

Post by LordTrilobite » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:00 pm

Hello there!
I've followed Aron Ra on Youtube for a while and ever since I heard about this project I was quite excited to learn more about it. I'm glad to see there's a forum now.
I'm from the Netherlands, I'm a digital artist, and I make like apps and games and such. In my free time I have a particular interest in palaeontology, I dabble in palaeoart, though I draw way too litle. I also been collecting fossils for almost two decades, from trilobites, to woolly rhino, to dinosaurs. Prepping those fossils and learning about all the prehistoric mysteries continually amazes me.
In short, I just really love making stuff, gaining knowledge and then sharing that.

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